Ulster Stage Hire are proud to be offering portable staging that is absolutely perfect for any venue or location, perhaps you are currently looking for a stage that could be used in your community centre or maybe you  need a stage that would be used everyday in your school or college. Because every place and business have different requirements we will work with you from the moment you get in touch to help you get exactly what you need that will acommodate your venue in appearance and function,  from the shape and size right down to the colour of the steps and the covering of the stage

We provide you with a number of stage options, each of them have their own advantages and components for different uses, We have been dedicated to our trade for a long time so you can rest assured we will point you in the right direction and help you pick exactly what you need.

What sort of stage do I need?
We provide the final word selection while not being too difficult, our staging range is formed from 3 main products:

Light duty our Debut range – This vary is ideal if you’re searching for one thing that’s really simple to handle and compact to store. No single piece weighs quite 7kg and this makes it the popular selection for primary colleges and churches; it will be simply erected by one person or individuals not wont to serious weights.

Mid weight selection our cameo range – extraordinarily fast to assemble and is tested to resist a loading of five KN / M². using our distinctive leg lock system means that construction of the stage couldn’t be easier. anaglyph will be tailor-made to any height, breadth or depth (including curves) and is good for extending existing stages, making tiers or fascinating shapes.

Heavy duty our Premier range – a true monster that is designed to hold serious masses like stage machinery or concert sized grant pianos. Tested to take to  up to 7.5 KN / M². This range is exactly what you need is tn if you would like to accommodate serious weight. Nevertheless, even though its build for serious duty performance. Premier Stage Range uses our identical “simple to use” leg lock system. Ensuring that creating your stage its super-fast to line up / break down.

If you’re unsure what form of stage you would like we’re quite happy to help,  Just get in touch and we will gladly help.

Do you deliver Nationwide?
We do nationwide delivery across the island of Ireland. we tend to use our own trusted transportant agency as they take care of all our deliveries therefore there will be no need to, we’ll get the product there.

Can I select the colour?
Of course at Ulster Stage Hire we allow full customisation concerning selection of the stage, from completely different color carpets to the decks, to over seventy colors to decide  from on your seating. We’re the manufacturer so you can rest assured that what you want its exactly what you’ll get. Plus you’ll love the result.

What is the lead time?
As a manufacturer we tend to create nearly everything we tend to sell, given an outsized portion of our product ar customized they have to form their method through our plant before they get to you. generally for many product we tend to work to a two – three week lead in however this could vary counting on the time of year.

Can you turn out drawings therefore we will visualise the proposals?
We have each 2D and 3D design staff that will bring our product to life using their talent and software. in addition we will additionally work on AutoCAD drawings to allow us to extrapolate details directly from your architectural plans.