Portable Stage Decking For Small and Big Events

We provide stages and staging for every event and requirement. Our staging services ranges from small basic pop up stages to branded promotional stages.

We can provide you with an individual stage design, something bespoke to your requirement and budget if you would prefer a stage that really stands out to your audience. Individual designs are available in both large and small. Ideal for advertising, marketing or product launches. We can enhance the stage area by the use of drapes and lighting. We stock a range of backdrop options from soft furnishing such as drapes and cycs or a solid set that suits your requirements. Our solid sets can be fully branded as part of our service and are also available with integrated plasma TVs. Speak to us today and see what we can offer your event.

We stock the very latest in stage decking in a range of sizes. This allows us to quickly assemble a complete portable stage from scratch. Additionally we can add tiered levels to an existing theatre stage. We supply all of our stage decks with telescopic legs, allowing for complete height and terrain flexibility ranging from 60cm to 185cm. We also supply stages with fixed stage deck supports in heights of 15cm, 40cm and other height options. Let us help you pick the right solution for your event. Call us now for expert advice.

Stage Design: We are more than happy to visit your event location to measure and propose the ideal solution for your event needs. We can also supply all of your lighting and audio needs along with the relevant technicians for the day. Contact us today for a fast design and quote service.

Creating a stage is what we do, If you’re running an event and have an audience. If you do not have a stage at your venue, then you require one. It ensures everybody can see your performance, speech or display.

Custom Indoor Stage Design & Truss Design

To give your event that extra edge, we can design and build custom stage elements for stand alone use or added to our standard stage decks. With our professional Truss Design services we can turn your event into a proper live show. We design and build bespoke elements such as:

  • Curved stage elements
  • Bespoke stairs and decorative railings
  • Illuminated stage elements
  • Vertical and rotary moving stage elements.
  • Rolling Instrument and performer plinths.

Stage Floor Covering

Our stage decks come with a hard wearing black ‘hexa’ texture finish. We also supply stage coverings in a number of options to suit your entertainment, fashion, corporate or television events.

  • White and black gloss (ideal for fashion shows)
  • Carpet in a range of colours (ideal for corporate events)
  • Dance surfaces for traditional and tap dancing.
  • Printed logos or patterns (our designers will prepare a floor covering with your event graphics printed for use on the stage surface.

Stage Front And Side Panels

We can finish your stage front and sides in a number of finishes:

  • Drape: A fast and economical solution for your event.
  • Rigid Panels: Give your stage a crisp finished look – ideal for tiered staging and fashion runways.
  • Printed; rigid or banner covers for your branding requirements.
  • Raised Lettering: Add depth to your stage design!
  • Backlit Panels: Frosted colour LED backlit panels – ideal for tiered staging.
  • LED Video Panels: Add video LED panels to your tiered stage risers to bring your stage to life with amazing animations!. We provide a full video creation and pixel mapping service.

Tiered Seating

We can quickly build tiered  seating audience areas up to 16 rows deep and any width. Ideal for:

  • Fashion shows
  • Outside broadcast TV shows.
  • Choir risers

Circular Rolling Instrument Plinth

Ideal for pianos and drum kits. Comes with the option of solid or frosted LED back-lit side wall panels.


  • Pipe & Drape in standard black and any bespoke colour and finish made to order.
  • Star Cloth: Add a unique sparkle to your show with our LED illuminated backdrop mesh.
  • Printed Hanging Banners: We can design & supply custom full colour printed backdrops.
  • Bespoke Backdrops: We can provide a wide range of options and finishes for your event
  • Big 3D lettering/logos free standing or hanging (up to 10 ft high!)
  • Ridid backdrop panels in custom size and shapes for your event.
  • LED Video Backdrop: A bright LED wall is the ideal backdrop to bring your stage to life. Use a live video feed or we can supply custom video animations to go with your show. An ideal solution for your Concert or Fashion Show!

Our teams are fully insured with both public liability and employer liability insurance. All staging equipment comes complete with their own internationally recognised certification to ensure that when it is in use is completely safe and suitable for purpose, Our equipment meets with all of the safety requirements throughout Europe and the rest of the world. So you really should contact us for the very best Indoor Stage Hire & truss design service in Ireland!

Theatre Style Surround Stage

The Theatre Style Surround is a package to add to our modular stage decks consisting of stage upright trusses supporting the lighting truss, a front pelmet and our tailored drapes to cover off the framework providing a theatre style frontage to the audience.

Create a theatre effect in any building. Ideal for schools, colleges, community centres, sports halls etc. When renting a stage from us, this offers you a quick and cost effective way to change the entire appearance of the venue.


  • Create a surround for stages from 6 metres up to 12 metres wide.
  • Upright drapes left and right can go up to 5.5m high.
  • Pelmet across the top comes in 2m sections (allowing up to a 12 metre stage).
  • All black pleated drape.
  • Lighting can be attached to structure.

Additional Options

Stage Side Drapes: Side draping is available to close off the stage left and stage right areas.

Drape Backdrop: When partnered with a rear drape on the stage the acoustics of the room are greatly enhanced not to mention the on stage sound for the performers. Comes with the option of a self supporting backdrop frame for added venue flexibility.

Starcloth: We can fit our LED starcloth to the backdrop to give your show that extra sparkle!

Extended Stage Wings: We can extend the stage and front drapes to add more working space on one or both sides of the stage.

Lighting: We have a full suite of lighting for all types of events including theatre and concerts.

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Standard Option

Star cloth Option