Confetti Cannons

So you’re looking for the big finish to your event? Confetti cannons provide you with just that, We have a wide range of air cannons which will give that perfect effect to your event, wedding or ceremony. Our aerotechnic exploding confetti cannon is perfect for any hire. We have a wide range of coloured confetti available, Silver, White, Gold, Metallic Colors and there is also a Glitter Cannons range available. So if you’re planning a party finish and need that perfect event special effect, our confetti cannon hire will blow you away!

Coloured Geysers

Our RGB geysers provide the perfect solution for any stage event looking for that something extra. Coloured Fogger plumes offer a safe alternative to Flame jets and provide a wider range of customisable colours. Musicans and Performers can even interact them for that extra special effect. They can be used in a wide scenario of events, Our Coloured RGB Fog Geysers provide you and your event with that little bit extra of something special.