Video is no longer a simply communications tool. It has become a full blown vehicle for creative expression.
While so much more versatile than conventional lighting fixtures, video projectors are, in fact, an incredible lighting tool.
Whether a buttoned down corporate presentation or a full blown mapping project on the outside of a building, video is a simply amazing way of transmitting a more articulate means of illumination.

As with everything we strive for at Ulster Stage Hire, video is more than a communications tool, or a means of creating. We view video is another element of taste making. While making and changing things through video can often be the “WOW” factor at an event, bringing those elements to the table in a tasteful manner is what it’s all about for us. Technology can often supersede its artistic viability and become something that gets used for the sake of the technology itself. We believe that, while technology has a prominent seat at the table for sure, the same basic principles matter most.

Is it beautiful? Does it make our guests feel good? And is it right?
These critical questions take us all back to the same place.

It’s about design.